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Anu Kulkarni

Born on 3rd March 1975. She obtained a Govt Diploma in Drawing & painting in 1997,, A diploma in art Education in 1998 and her masters in 2000. An abstract artist who works with a knife and roller using acrylics & oil on paper and canvas creating soft-contoured abstract works that display a mastery,, strength and maturity in her handling of color and form as well as a great fineness,, almost a poetic subtlety in her compositions. Her paintings are nothing less than poetry. Her paintings reflect the music of the earth. Each time the color harmony is different. The suggested forms emerge from a haze to merge again with the surrounding landscape of the red-brown earth or deep blue and green oceans. Small flashes of white,, yellow or red heighten the drama,, while a timeless serenity pervades all the works reflecting the different moods of nature.