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Gajendra Shah

Gajendra Shah Born 1937. He obtained a government diploma in fine artin 1960 from J. J. School of Arts.He also trained to be an interior designer and worked as a teacher to sustain himself. But his big break came in 1961 when a friend invited him to Delhi for a commission work that was greatly appreciated. Nevertheless his artistic journey continued. Group and Solo Exhibitions creating Republic day floats representing Gujarat which got him five awards. Working at Gandhi centenary pavilion New Delhi with artist Kanu Desai. His career took another turn when he traveled abroad in the 1970. It influenced a lot of his work later on. After his return to India he took to full time painting. His favorite subjects included monuments,, women,, musicians and cities. He loves music,, fine arts and literature and tries to bring these in his paintings. His works are marked for this portrayal of women bringing out their feminine grace and charm in each of his works. In 1999 he got a veteran artists award from All India Fine Art & crafts Society (AIFACS) New Delhi