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Art Guide

The two words art and investment taken together create an intellectual contradiction and force us to think as to how an art object is termed as an investment.

An art object is a soulful expression of the artistic sensibilities that has an intrinsic value. Which is not just because of the interlaced creative and aesthetic juices but also because of it’s relevance in the time frame of an era. And it is due to these attributes that an art object acquires a financial value.

And since art is very subjective it needs deeper understanding with regard to its financial aspect.

To take an example if we look at two art objects given in history from the same period, it isn’t necessary that the two will command an identical value. Even when given from the same period it would depend upon the artistic, creative and aesthetic sensitivity portrayed by the individual art object that contributes to its uniqueness thus influencing the financial value attached to it. Same holds true for the contemporary art world where we are all in the same time frame experiencing these attributes but from our own perspectives. But as it had been stated earlier that art is subjective thus one can feel mislead from ones own understanding. Therefore unless one has the knowledge and understanding of the subject one would not be able to establish the relation between the art object and the value attached to it and neither would one be able to foresee whether this art object would appreciate in value in future or for that matter it might just depreciate. If a judicial selection is made this value over a period of time multiplies and thus an art object transforms into an asset.

The Indian art is today being recognized on the global platform and at home the Indian art market is annually growing at 30-35%. It is being predicted that this trend would continue. It is not just because of the surge in Indian economy that has had a trickle effect and triggered the boom in Indian art market but also because Indian art has a long way to go. It is far behind if one was to draw a comparison with others in Asian art market itself.

Thus with a potent economy to support, international exposure, the ever growing awareness and the knowledge of art just a click away, it all mounts to the long awaited big bang in Indian art industry. And since our art industry is still in an emerging state those who understand this transition will benefit the most.

We at Studio3 are now an element of this silent renaissance and intend to make you participate in this movement. With us we bring you the power to click and make an aesthetic investment by selecting from our handpicked works of art, of renowned as well as upcoming artists, so that investors and collectors are assured of buying a winning piece of ‘art stock’.