Ganesha – 4106

Ganesha – 4106


by Anirban Seth

Ref. No.: 4106
Size: 18 × 14 inches
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Style: Religious/Spiritual
Year: –

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Anirban Seth

Anirban Seth

Anirban Seth, born in 1976, hails from West Bengal. He is a first-class graduate and master degree holder from Government College of Art and Craft in Calcutta, with fourteen awards to his credit.

From the beginning Anirban Seth was attracted to leather as a vehicle of his creativity. Leather, including parchment and suede, have long served as the canvas for artists across the world.

Anirban was first exposed to it at a very young age as he grew up watching the batik images crafted on leather by artisans at Sriniketan, an extension of Shanti Niketan. Fascinated by the special effect that one cannot extract on paper or canvas, Anirban continued to experiment with the medium and eventually harnessed the medium to his advantage. He uses it for the background, the texture, and the mood - all with telling impact. He heightens every accidental effect through the use of leather paint on creased or crumpled leather. By tanning raw hide and then painting on it, Seth’s innovations on texture also include batik work and stenciling for embossing and relief effects, often embellishing his art with gold and silver foil, he generates startling visual effects.

For his content, Anirban initially drew upon nature. Those landscapes in bright daubs of colours were abstracts of the reality he saw around him. Increasingly he is moving towards subjects with greater relevance to his own times, as he is towards creating a pictorial language that is recognizably his own.

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Anirban Seth

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