Snapshots of my Village – 6175

Snapshots of my Village – 6175


by Nagesh Ghodke

Ref. No.: 6175
Size: 36 × 48 inches
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Style: Landscape
Year: 2017

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Nagesh Ghodke

Nagesh Ghodke

Nagesh Ghodke hails from Mumbai and he obtained his Bachelor's’ Degree in Drawing and Painting from Raheja School of Art in Mumbai.

Nagesh grew up in a village and he clearly draws his inspiration from his childhood experience. With 70 percent of the population in India living in rural areas, the village is the social fabric of the nation. The artist brings this to life on canvas in his own unique style – and that is inspiring.

In a series of acrylic on canvas paintings, Nagesh depicts villages reminiscent of the Mediterranean hills and rural India. The village houses are uniform in colour and architecture and are carefully, yet haphazardly stacked. Ghodke also adds a few trees and religious buildings. The colour palette remains fairly monochromatic across the series. Warm reds and yellows alternate with cold blues and greys to evoke different moods.

He is popular for his village-scapes and finds his muse in ever changing nature. His geographical and cultural upbringing has largely inspired his work. Having grown up in a village, he uses his work as a medium to depict the beauty and aesthetics of a rural scene but at the same time utilizes his work to bring to light the destruction of nature and the resulting plight of villagers.

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Nagesh Ghodke

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