Summer – 7918

Summer – 7918


by Bakula Nayak

Ref. No.: 7918
Size: 12 × 12 inches
Medium: Acrylic  On Canvas
Style: Figurative
Year: –

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Bakula Nayak

Bakula Nayak

A self-confessed stubborn romantic, Bakula Nayak noses out the magic stifled in the everyday, and elevates the mundane into something bright, dreamy and unique through her art.

Forever charmed by the old world as a little girl, she collected vintage letters, legal papers, and old bills. She could weave a story from that piece of junk about the era gone by, that most of us would hardly look over twice.

Bakula’s passion for collecting vintage paper, fused with her love for imagining the life stories of people who owned them, translates into tangible works of art. She breathes new life into the now forgotten pieces of beauty by illustrating on them. Gorgeously aged vintage papers form the perfect canvas to interpret the realities of Bakula’s world.

Her remarkable pen and ink drawings and illustrations, jam-packed with funny, delightful and eccentric characters – hatted birds, diving penguins, fish with pirate eye-patches, sleeping cats, and dancing flamingos – are both vintage and contemporary, new and old, timeless and unique.

An unfinished inventory of her daydreaming and her love affair with all things vintage - her work reflects her longing for romance, aesthetics, poetry and seduction in everything. In her latest series, Bakula Nayak pays tribute to love in all its forms – not just romantic love, but the love of parents, love for things, her own love for tea, love for the family, friends, the earth, gardens and more.

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Bakula Nayak

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