The Butterfly Effect – 3286

The Butterfly Effect – 3286


by Mrityunjay Mondal

Ref. No.: 3286
Size: 39 × 22 inches
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Style: Figurative
Year: –

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Mrityunjay Mondal

Mrityunjay Mondal

Mrityunjay Mondal spent his childhood in a little village called Dhaltitha in West Bengal. It was a village is full of natural splendour, the Ichhamoti River flowed right by his home and was surrounded by green fields on every side.

It was his brother who nurtured his passion for art by giving him a box of watercolours - the colours with which he made my first painting, and thereby beginning his journey into the world of art. "Armed with my watercolours, pencils and paper, I would try to give form to the intangible pleasures of the river, the fields and songs of the flutes." His brother Samir Mondal, also an established name in the field of art and his paintings were instrumental in his growth as a painter.

Mrityunjay Mondal left his village for the first time to study at the Art College in Kolkata. There he found himself in an environment and culture far removed from the natural splendour of Dhaltitha. The new setting started another set of paintings that reflected the new reality. He was exposed to the works to many great painters, whose works helped Mondal direct his energies and crystallise what he wanted to paint, why he wanted to paint certain subjects and whether his reactions to the subject would become part of a painting or not.

Through all the changes and settings, Mondal has always tried to paint positive subjects. "There is enough strife and worry to keep us busy. But if I can bring even a moment's relief, release or peace to the viewer, my painting has succeeded. Also, I try and keep my painting's message simple and clear. To keep them where a viewer might perceive them easily and see the optimism shine through. In the process, sometimes the painting gets suffused by a glow of hope which comes from within the painting, shining through on its own."

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Mrityunjay Mondal

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