The Edge of Colour – 7933

The Edge of Colour – 7933


by Nupur Kundu

Ref. No.: 7933
Size: 24 × 24 inches
Medium: Oil On Canvas
Style: Abstract
Year: 2020

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Nupur Kundu

Nupur Kundu

Born in 1975 in New Delhi, Nupur Kundu completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the College of Art, New Delhi in 1993.  The artistic aspect of life struck her natural instinct by way of her obsession with painting and dancing in the formative years of her childhood. Nupur has participated in several exhibitions both in India and abroad. Apart from exhibiting in India, her works have travelled to Dubai, Singapore, USA and Mauritius.

A born colourist, abstract art focusing on the interplay and overlap of colours was a natural draw for Nupur. Her works are created painstakingly one layer at a time. Nupur renders nature as well as emotive moods through organic motifs, geometrical forms, repetitive brushstrokes and careful layering of impasto paint. Nupur usually starts with a layer of black and then carves out forms over and over with layers of different colours. She uses a variety of instruments to add texture and form to her artwork including dental instruments, nail files, knives, spatulas and cloth.

Her palette mirrors her desire to embody ambivalent feelings of despair, joy and hope for the future in her art. The mesmerising harmonies of blues, greens and crimson tide currents, creating a synergy of airy, feathery blues with deeper sapphires, reminding us of dyes extracted from plants and flowers. Nupur is a translator of great hope, and at the same time she also conveys the magic of inspiration that must come from within.

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Nupur Kundu

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