Untitled – 7852

Untitled – 7852


by Madhuri Kathe

Ref. No.: 7852
Size: 36 × 36 inches
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Style: Abstract
Year: 2020

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Madhuri Kathe

Madhuri Kathe

“I paint from a state of stillness, looking beyond the obvious, more as an onlooker experiencing the act of creation, the dictates and energy for which come from a higher source.”

Kathe’s paintings are an outpouring of her mystical insights, spiritual experiences and revelations. The process through which she creates her art is akin to a meditative state where she spontaneously connects with colours and the canvas in a lilting, expressionist tango. The starting point for her paintings is nature and its unscripted nuances, and her readings and understanding of spiritual texts and scriptures. The abstract paintings that follow these personal experiences are cryptic illustrations of her unique perceptions.

There is a deeply organic, translucent and multi-layered aesthetic that characterises Kathe’s works. Awash in a symphony of liquid amber, earth tones and ethereal blues, the paintings open up like meditative portals taking viewers on a ride towards clarity, contemplation and bliss.

Kathe holds a Master’s degree in Drawing and Painting from Vikram University in Ujjain, and another Master’s in Ancient Indian History and Archaeology. She has also completed a PhD in Miniature Paintings.

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Madhuri Kathe

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