Untitled – 2840

Untitled – 2840


by Chameli Ramachandran

Ref. No.: 2840
Size: 15 × 11 inches
Medium: Ink On Paper
Style: Flowers/Nature
Year: 2000

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Chameli Ramachandran

Chameli Ramchandran

Chameli Ramachandran was born to Chinese and Indian parents at Santiniketan in 1940. Her name, derived from the jasmine flower that was popular there for its sweet fragrance, was given to her by Santiniketan’s famous artist and poet-in-residence Rabindranath Tagore.

All of Ramachandran’s works reflect her admiration for nature, a subject that has always enthralled her. Her strong connections with China and India are also evident in her paintings, which adeptly unite the lush, abundant landscapes of Bengal with the pensive, meditative quality of ancient Chinese philosophy.

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Chameli Ramachandran

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