Untitled – 8431

Untitled – 8431


by Anu Kulkarni

Ref. No.: 8431
Size: 36 × 48 inches
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Style: Abstract
Year: –

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Anu Kulkarni

Anu Kulkarni 

Anu Kulkarni was born in 1975 in Pune, Maharashtra. In 1997 she received her Government Diploma in Drawing and Painting (Pune). In 1998 she graduated with her Diploma in Art Education. In 2000 she received her Master’s degree in Painting (Pune). Recognized by Art Society of India and Ministry of Culture, Anu has participated in more than 20 group shows across India and internationally.

Anu Kulkarni's works are nothing less than poetry. An abstract artist who works with a knife and roller using oil on canvas, creating soft-contoured abstract works that display a mastery, strength and maturity in her handling of colour and form as well as a great fineness, almost a poetic subtlety in her compositions.

Deriving inspiration from the nature around her, Anu Kulkarni captures the beauty of landscapes in a haze of colours. Her paintings reflect the music of the earth. Each time the colour harmony is different. The suggested forms emerge from a haze only to merge again with the surrounding landscape of red-brown earth or deep blue and green oceans. Small flashes of white, yellow or red heighten the drama, while a timeless serenity pervades all the works; reflecting the different moods of nature.

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Anu Kulkarni

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