An exhibition of christian art by Paul Bhonsle

Paul B breathes new life into Christian Art

Paul B hails from a family of Anglican pastors, and schooling in a Roman Catholic institution enhanced his curiosity about the schism in the Christian faith. He found his voice in the visual vocabulary of Christian icons, though his is a more personal expression of the faith rather than the one that is propagated.

A self taught artist Paul’s works are largely inspired by biblical themes, parables and fantasy which he interweaves with experiences from his life. His style is typical of Byzantine medieval iconography with strong overtones of Indianness in his palette and intricate detail.

Paul works mainly in 24 carat gold leaf and oils on canvas, wood, porcelain and glass His complex compositions are unplanned and he painstakingly details every space of the painting. He guilds the painting to give the final flourish, making them timeless pieces of perfection.

Each piece of his art is a labour of love, patience & dedication. Every piece is a viewers delight.

Officially enlisted with the Vatican as the only existing Indian Christian Iconographer in the country, Paul is, without question, one of the key faces and the preserver of an art form that is both ancient and rare, collecting and restoring pieces he finds on his way. His work is now a part of the permanent collection at the Museum Of Sacred Art – ( MOSA ) in Belgium. He typically surfaces after a long hiatus and exhibits once in 4 years.

Paul insists he is not a religious person. He doesn’t attend church service, however he visits the church because he is interested in Christian artifacts. The Madonna and child is one of his favourite subjects. His paintings represent his spiritual search and his personal relationship with God. He also paints stories about Angels and prophets. Not only does Paul paint, he sings, plays the guitar writes poems and dances. A truly gifted artist who paints from his heart.

View Paul B’s available artworks at this link – Paul B’s Complete Collection of Artwork

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