Ashif Hossain’s current muse entails a homage to the ‘eternal city of Benaras’

Hailing from Kolkata, Ashif Hossain is a graduate of Fine Arts from the Government College of Arts, Kolkata. His perspective on India however, stretches beyond the ‘City of Joy’. His artwork encapsulates metropolitan cities spanning across the country, while still being true to his roots. India’s vibrant cultures serves as an ideal color palette, which inspires his work. He envisions it on canvas embodying the secular fabric of the country.

His work is based on the life that prevails around him, which provides a clever contrast between the past and modern times. Through the chaotic life of the city, his paintings create a sense of tranquility. His love and understanding for colors are evident through his work. He uses brown and black to create a whimsical sense of nostalgia while playfully incorporating red and blue to disrupt the monochrome/sepia effect in an eye-catching manner. The masterful usage of the color white creates a sense of openness in one frame. The blend of these unique shades, is coupled with a subtle nuance of using acrylic paint that appears to be water colors, tying his vision together seamlessly.

Ashif Hossain’s current muse entails a homage to the ‘eternal city of Benaras’. Located on the banks of the River Ganges, the water from this river is believed to have the power to wash away sins. His love for the city is summed up by his depiction of ‘Benaras Ghat’ as a haven, where every man has the capability to fulfill his dream. Ashif’s philosophy is derived from Vincent Van Gogh’s saying, “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” It’s astounding to see that in this particular work, the ‘dream’ that Ashif paints, is a dream land for others.

In his iconic way, he creates paradise with this masterpiece. The usage of the color red, leaves a surging sense of happiness in the heart of the viewer as it cuts through the somber tones. This creates the perfect juxtaposition through his usage of a multitude of shades.

Ashif has never focused on the monetary benefits of his pieces of art but endeavors it to touch people and achieve a sense of peace in their mind.

Every brushstroke, tells a story of not only the skill of the artist but the message behind it. This has been brought together in Ashif’s work with breath taking vision, an element of fantasy and a pure love of art.

Explore Ashif’s available artworks at this link  – Ashif Hossain Complete Collection of Artwork

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