OUTSIDE THE LINE – Showcasing Women in Art

Exhibition of Women in Contemporary Art

Celebrating women that have dared to colour “Outside the Line”

Studio3 presents “Outside the Line- Showcasing Women in Art” to celebrate the talent of women in the art space as well as the work of five incredibly talented female artists- Arpana Caur, Seema Kohli, Vinita Karim, Sujata Bajaj and Bharti Prajapati.

Each having worked on a variety of mediums through their years of experience, have carved out a prominent niche for themselves in the art industry. The oeuvres of each artist include the masterful usage of colours and styles, creating a depth and lasting impression of their work.

Arpana Caur

With over four decades of experience, Arpana Caur’s contemporary artwork include a deeper message, making each brushstroke, a fight for a relevant and powerful social issue. She explores thought provoking topics, such as politics, the environment, urbanism, violence and feminism. A largely self-taught artist that has flourished in the male dominant Indian art world, she inspires the powerful notion and hope that a woman is equipped to enhance her circumstances.


Caur’s current work, includes the usage of greens and browns, focusing on the vital issue of the environment being mistreated by humanity. The ‘Green Circle’ draws its significance from the legendry Lakshman Rekha, drawn to protect Sita, the daughter of the Earth in Hindu mythology. This develops comparison of the protection of the environment and earth from human devastation, across the canvas.

Seema Kohli

Seema Kohli’s interpretation of the modern woman facing adversities and tragedies is an unconventional view on the manner in which we are accustomed to seeing women depicted in art. Through her playful usage of a combination of oils, this artist takes on the role of a storyteller in her works. Kohli’s work, the “Golden Womb”, describes the miracle of creation, complete oneness and the eventual liberation.

Vinita Karim

Vinita Karim’s global travels have translated onto her canvas as a tribute of those locations that are close to her heart, with a glimpse of re-imagination. Apart from her inclusion of mineral pigments, Karim’s incorporation of embroideries with gold/silver/copper leaf, silken threads, print patterns, gives her work a novel touch. Her latest collection includes a venture into fully embroidered works of art.

Sujata Bajaj

Stemming from her topic of her thesis, her inspiration is based on the tribals, with her usage of yellows and reds, referring to tribal rituals and customs. Bajaj experiments with various mediums such as murals, cold ceramic sculptures and acrylic on canvas. She has a revolutionary approach to monotypes that includes the usage of fragments of paper, strings, handprints, geometric shapes and various other materials, to add a unique dimension to her work.

  • Untitled – 8346

    31 × 13 in
    Request for Price
  • Untitled – 8345

    31 × 13 in
    Request for Price

Bharti Prajapati

Bharti Prajapati’s takes an inspired view on the tribal women from her time in Ahmedabad. Her skillful knowledge of various textures is prevalent in her repertoire. She showcases tribal women in vibrant colours against the arid background and pale hues of the desert. The positive vibrations and cohesiveness of the activities of the tribals, coupled with the encompassing fauna, displays the idealistic inclusivity of family.

The vision of this exhibition is the promotion of women in the art industry by the women at Studio3. The chosen works, pay homage to feminine energy, courage, independence, talent and celebrates the women that have dared to colour “Outside the Line”.

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