DIVINE EXPRESSIONS – Exploring the Sacred in Art

An unforgettable journey into the mystical realm of gods and goddesses

Divine Expressions: Exploring the Sacred in Art” is a captivating exhibition that celebrates the profound artistic interpretations of three remarkable artists Arpitha Reddy, Ramesh Gorjala and G. Subramanian. This extraordinary showcase brings together their awe-inspiring creations, which delve deep into the realm of spirituality and mythology.

Each having worked on a variety of mediums through their years of experience, have carved out a prominent niche for themselves in the art industry. The oeuvres of each artist include the masterful usage of colours and styles, creating a depth and lasting impression of their work.

Arpitha Reddy

The artistic tradition of the God’s own country inspired Arpitha Reddy to take up the tedious job of re-creating beautiful paintings on canvas. Arpitha Reddy has been trained in mural paintings, but now works on adaptation pieces and other traditional art forms. Reddy, in her creations focuses on mythological pieces giving them her own unique, modern touch.

G Subramanian

G. Subramanian, a visionary artist who seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary expressions, presents his unique interpretations of divinity. His profound understanding of Indian art traditions shines through his innovative compositions, evoking a sense of reverence and introspection. Through his distinctive style, Subramanian invites viewers to contemplate the complexities of spirituality and the eternal connection between mortals and gods.

Ramesh Gorjala

Ramesh Gorjala unveils a mesmerizing collection that honours the divine pantheon. His vibrant and intricately detailed artworks transport viewers to a world of gods and goddesses, where timeless tales unfold on canvas. Each brushstroke unveils the nuances of Hindu mythology, captivating audiences with its richness and splendour.

  • Vishnu – 9602

    18 × 14 in
    Request for Price
  • Shiva – 9365

    36 × 48 in
    Request for Price
  • Ganesha – 9364

    50 × 37 in
    Request for Price
  • Krishna – 9543

    36 × 50 in
    Request for Price
  • Hanuman – 7581

    28 × 28 in
    Request for Price
  • Vishnu – 7833

    23 × 38 in
    Request for Price
  • Hanuman – 6422

    28 × 29 in
    Request for Price

This captivating exhibition promises to ignite the imagination, stir emotions, and inspire a deeper appreciation for the profound symbolism embedded within each artwork. Whether one is a devout follower or an art aficionado seeking to experience the power of spirituality through a different lens, “Divine Expressions” offers an unforgettable journey into the mystical realm of gods and goddesses. Prepare to be enchanted by the divine radiance that emanates from the masterpieces of Arpitha Reddy, Ramesh Gorjala and G. Subramanian as they weave together the threads of mythology, artistry, and devotion.

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